Levelling the school playing field

Graeme Duncan, Chief Executive of Right to Succeed

21 Dec 2017

A collaborative, vision-led approach… is the only way to deliver real, seismic change in these areas that need it the most.

  • Right to Succeed is a charity whose mission is to build and scale highly collaborative interventions that help create the conditions in which young people from low income backgrounds can thrive.
  • The charity works in partnership with others to take a data-driven approach to identifying the challenges that young people are facing in relation to education and employment. It then designs, tests and scales sustainable solutions.
  • Right to Succeed’s current programmes focus on three key areas: supporting the turnaround of failing schools; preventing exclusion from school amongst those most at risk; and understanding the key drivers of youth unemployment, where gaps exist in current provision and how it might work in partnership with others to respond to these.
  • Right to Succeed’s first project took place in Blackpool, northern England in September 2015.

Right to Succeed works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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