Levelling the school playing field

Graeme Duncan, Chief Executive of Right to Succeed

Every young person has the right to be able to succeed, regardless of background.

  • Right to Succeed aims to improve the life chances of young people, in particular those from low income backgrounds who are more likely to have poor educational outcomes.
  • The charity works in partnership with local communities to take a data-driven approach to identifying the challenges that young people are facing in relation to education and employment. It then designs, tests and scales sustainable solutions.
  • Their programmes focus on reducing the risk of exclusions for the most vulnerable children and young people across 30 schools targeting the most at-risk 100 pupils, and improving literacy.
  • Right to Succeed's first project took place in Blackpool, northern England in September 2015. It has now grown significantly and also delivers programs in tow further areas of high educational inequity, Doncaster and North Belfast.
  • Headteacher Wendy Casson said, "After 30 years in this profession… I have never before worked with such professional people who have been able to challenge my thinking and inspire my practice.”

Right to Succeed works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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