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UBS launches pension fund with 75% equity allocation

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The new "UBS Vitainvest 75" has a strategic equity allocation of 75%, meaning retirement savers benefit from greater participation in the fund's future stock market performance.

Zurich, 14 October 2015 – UBS is expanding the product family of Vitainvest pension funds, in which private clients can invest their second and third pillar pension assets. The new "UBS Vitainvest 75" rounds off the investment fund's offering for pension savings into the upper range. With a strategic equity allocation of 75%, this fund makes greater use of the stock markets' long-term return potential, achieving corresponding pension asset growth over time. The fund has a long investment horizon of at least ten years, with higher risk assumptions.

The financial gaps in the AHV as well as the difficult position of several pension funds make the third pillar of private insurance more important than ever before. The low interest rate environment now makes it even harder to make pension fund assets profitable. Performance in recent decades indicates that equities generally deliver superior returns over a ten-year investment period than other investment instruments or savings accounts – despite greater share price volatility. UBS Vitainvest 75 therefore offers an attractive alternative for private pension savings with a long-term investment horizon.

Retirement funds with an equity allocation above 50% are permitted as long as the pension fund foundation ensures the fund's assets remain adequately diversified and that the level of assumed risk is commensurate with the pension fund's target. UBS adheres to this investment policy and therefore meets the legal requirements.

Like other funds in the UBS Vitainvest product family, UBS Vitainvest 75 is offered in two versions: one pitched towards domestic investments and one towards foreign investments, and whether investors are willing to be exposed to the associated currency risk:

  • UBS (CH) Vitainvest 75 World
  • UBS (CH) Vitainvest 75 Swiss

The two new retirement funds can be subscribed from UBS from 5 November 2015.

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