Nobel Perspectives Webinar with Jean Tirole: coming at 3 pm CET


Monday, 28 – Wednesday, 30 September 2020



Watch the RMS 2020 Replay here

Virtual Conference

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Monday, 28 September – Wednesday, 30 September 2020

UBS Asset Management is pleased to invite you to the 26th Reserve Management Seminar (RMS) which for the first time will be held virtually.

The RMS is recognized as one of the leading events for central banks and sovereign institutions and will focus on the most recent economic, financial and political developments and their implications for long-term investors. 

Many would say that the current economic and market environment is unique as the world is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. How have sovereign institutions managed the market turmoil in February and March? And most importantly, how are they dealing with the challenges laying ahead including low/negative yields, US-China decoupling, deglobalization, the rise of digital currencies and climate change? 

Hosted over three days, the event will offer you the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s pre-eminent leaders in their field across keynote speeches and panel discussions. We have a distinguished list of academics and officials from some of the leading sovereign institutions in the world lined up, and we are delighted that UBS Chairman, Axel A. Weber, will once again be speaking at the event. 

Please find here the link to register for the event and to view the latest agenda.

We are looking forward to welcoming you online at the this year’s RMS.

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