Business Continuity Management Program

UBS AG is committed to taking reasonable steps to provide protection for essential activities should any event disrupt normal business operations.


UBS AG has established a Business Continuity Management (BCM) program to deliver this commitment, with the purpose of:

  • Providing stable service to clients;
  • Safeguarding assets and customer data;
  • Enabling continuity of critical functions during or immediately following a disruption.

The BCM program covers all UBS AG business units and locations.

UBS AG recognizes its responsibility to help protect global Financial Systems and, as such, meets regulatory guidelines and recommendations.

UBS AG’s BCM program considers various levels and types of disruptions that might affect a building, business district, city or a wide-scale condition within a region or multiple regions. 

Features of the BCM Program

Key features of the UBS AG BCM program include:

  • Defined global and regional governance bodies and Executive ownership of BCM;
  • Full-time BCM professionals responsible for creating, managing and monitoring the firm’s preparedness;
  • A Group Business Continuity and Crisis Management Policy;
  • Defined crisis management organizations and escalation protocols;
  • Established crisis communications strategies for all stakeholders;
  • Identification of critical activities and the planned recovery time objectives;
  • Thorough risk and impact assessments of locations and processes;
  • A training and awareness program for all staff that relates to their BCM roles;
  • Regular testing of all BCM arrangements and components, including teams;
  • Continued maintenance and review of arrangements to respond to changing client requirements, emerging risks and changes to the firm.

UBS AG utilises the following strategies to implement the firm’s recovery objectives:

    • Dedicated technical recovery facilities;
    • Internal and third party work area recovery facilities;
    • Remote working capabilities;
    • Utilizing its local, regional and international recovery capabilities.

    Further Information

    For further information relating to UBS AG’s business continuity and crisis management arrangements, please talk to your relationship manager.