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Day one

19 May – PM EMEA / AM US times

Event moderator: Barry Gill

Duration: 10 mins

14:30-14:40 CET  |  08:30-08:40 ET

Introduction by Suni Harford

UBS-AM President Suni Harford opens the Alt+Shift 2021 Alternative Investments Conference with high-level views on the Alternatives space and the trends and opportunities that she is most excited about in 2021.

Suni Harford

Duration: 40 mins

14:45-15:25 CET  |  08:45-09:25 ET  

Macro outlook and investment allocation

Evan Brown, UBS-AM Head of Multi-Asset Strategy and Louis Finney, Co-Head of Strategic Asset Allocation Modeling, outline key global macro trends, provide their latest asset allocation views and discuss how alternative investing strategies add value in today’s low yield environment.

Evan Brown

Louis Finney

Guest Speaker

Duration: 40 mins

15:30-16:10 CET | 09:30-10:10 ET

Hedge Funds: Why, and why now?

A wide-ranging fireside chat where Bruce Amlicke, CIO at UBS Hedge Fund Solutions and Kevin Russell, CIO at UBS O’Connor, will make the case for hedge fund investing and identify where they see opportunities in 2021. Followed by interactive Q&A.

Moderator: Barry Gill

Bruce Amlicke

Kevin Russell

Post-COVID trends and alternatives

16:20-17:40 CET | 10:20-11:40 ET (Duration: 1 hour 20 mins)

Duration: 30 mins

16:20-16:50 CET | 10:20-10:50 ET

Alternatives in the Asian century

If Asia is now driving the world economy, then what opportunities does this open up for Alternative investing strategies? Join Benno Klingenberg-Timm, APAC Head of Global Sovereign Markets, for an in-depth session with Adolfo Oliete, Head of APAC Investments, UBS Hedge Fund Solutions and Jia (TJ) Tan, UBS O’Connor, followed by a lengthy audience Q&A.

Moderator: Benno Klingenberg-Timm

Adolfo Oliete

Jia (TJ) Tan

Duration: 20 mins

16:55-17:15 CET | 10:55-11:15 ET

Is office the new retail?

Post-COVID, the world of work is changing – so what does this mean for office investors? Zachary Gauge, Head of European Real Estate Research and Tiffany Gherlone, Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy US, will lead a debate about the future of the sector and highlight the trends to watch and the opportunities to prepare for in a post-COVID world.

Zachary Gauge

Tiffany Gherlone

Duration: 20 mins

17:20-17:40 CET | 11:20-11:40 ET

Infrastructure opportunity: predictable yield or secular growth?

What to do in a negative-yield world? Join Declan O’Brien, Head of Infrastructure Research and Strategy and Perry Offutt, Head of Infrastructure Americas, for a deep-dive into the evolving and emerging infrastructure sector and the role it can play in investors’ portfolios.

Declan O’Brien

Perry Offutt

Duration: 40 mins

17:45-18:25 CET | 11:45-12:25 ET

Risk management, regulations and innovation in an era of alternatives

As we enter the alternatives era, what challenges will emerge for risk managers, how will regulations impact the opportunity set, and what innovations can we expect? Join Nasreen Kasenally, Chief Risk Officer and an expert panel for an incisive, wide-ranging discussion.

Nasreen Kasenally

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Duration: 10 mins

18:25-18:35 CET  |  12:25-12:35 ET

Wrap-Up with Barry Gill

Barry Gill, UBS-AM Head of Investments, wraps up the key points, focuses on key trends, and highlights the opportunities ahead for investors in the Alternatives space from Day one of Alt+Shift 2021.

Barry Gill

Day two

20 May – PM EMEA / AM APAC

Event moderator: Aleksandar Ivanovic

Duration: 10 mins

15.30-15.40 HK I 09.30-09.40 CET

Introduction by Aleksandar Ivanovic

Join Aleksandar Ivanovic, Head of UBS-AM Global Client Coverage, as he surveys the main findings from Day 1 of Alt+Shift 2021, looks forward to the key themes in Day 2, and updates on the changing role of Alternative Investments in client strategies both now and in the future.

Aleksandar Ivanovic

Duration: 30 mins

15:45-16:15 HK | 09:45-10:15 CET

Technology and tokenisation: how blockchain is changing Alts investing

The disruptive power of blockchain is now coming to Alternatives investing, but is it a gamechanger and what opportunities, if any, will it create? Join Markus Egloff, UBS-AM Head of Wholesale Client Coverage Asia Pacific, with an expert panel to chart the future of Alternative investing distribution models.

Moderator: Markus Egloff

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

ESG to SDGs and how alternatives can play a role

16:20-18:30 HK | 10:20-12:30 CET (Duration: 2 hours, 10 mins)

Duration: 40 mins

16:20-17:00 HK | 10:20-11:00 CET

Is gender diversity a game changer for investment decision makers?

Gender diversity matters – and Claire Tucker, Senior Investment Officer, UBS Hedge Fund Solutions, will explain why with a specialist investor panel followed by an interactive audience Q&A.

Claire Tucker

Guest Speaker

Duration: 40 mins

17:05-17:45 HK | 11:05-11:45 CET

Winners and losers emerging from the energy transition economy

As the world transitions to a new energy reality, who will win and who will lose, and what should investors do about it? Join UBS O’Connor Ken Geren. Portfolio Manager for a wide-ranging discussion on the trends that may change our world - and the massive opportunities they could create.

Ken Geren

Helima Croft, RBC Capital Markets

Duration: 40 mins

17:50-18:30 HK | 11:50-12:30 CET

How do real assets contribute to tomorrow’s world?

Real assets shape our lives, but how can they change our future? Join Joe Azelby, UBS-AM Head of Real Estate & Private Markets, and an expert panel of Darren Rabenou, Declan O’Brien, Head of Infrastructure Research and Strategy, Zachary Gauge, UBS-AM Head of European Real Estate Research and Bronte Somes, UBS-AM Head of Infrastructure Equity Europe, for a cross-asset view on how ESG is changing the game for real assets investors.

Moderator: Joe Azelby

Declan O’Brien

Zachary Gauge

Darren Rabenou

Bronte Soames

Duration: 10 mins

18:30-18:40 HK | 12:30-12:40 CET

Key findings from UBS Alternatives conference

Aleksandar Ivanovic, UBS-AM Head Client Coverage, breaks down the key messages from Alt+Shift 2021 and looks forward to the many opportunities available in the Alternatives space for investors as they navigate a world of low yields and COVID-19 disruption.

Aleksandar Ivanovic

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