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House View Weekly What the falling dollar means for markets

The US Dollar Index is at a three-year low, having been driven down by current account dynamics, the ECB’s plans to end quantitative easing, and
the dollar’s overvaluation on a purchasing power parity basis.

House View Monthly Drive for show and putt for dough?

The old golf adage goes that you “drive for show, and putt for dough,” suggesting that accuracy is more important than distance in golfing success. Columbia University Professor Mark Broadie had a different take. He crunched the numbers and found that distance in fact explains the majority of success.

Morning audio comment from Paul Donovan

Economic commentary discussing the current issues that are affecting economies and financial markets around the globe.

House View Monthly U.S. Planning is everything

CIO Wealth Management Americas discusses emerging risk scenarios and what investors can do to prepare.

Quarterly update A minute with Mike Ryan

Find out how to position your portfolio in the fourth quarter.

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