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The US dollar reaches a crossroad

We believe the US dollar remains in a long-term bear market against its major trading partners, like Europe, Japan and selective EM markets. This view is backed by long-term investor positioning and the twin US deficits. However, the short-term outlook has been clouded by the recent rise in US yields and softening economic data outside the US.

Volatility is back.
Are you prepared?

Former CIA Director and commander of US forces in Afghanistan, David Petraeus, recently spoke with some of our clients about the strategic importance of “getting the big things right.” He made a powerful point. But while nobody would disagree with his idea, implementing it is far from straightforward. First, you have to know what the big things are. Then you also have to know which ones you stand a chance of getting right before planning your work and working your plan.

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Fintech: An easier way to split the bill.

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