Our people, our culture

Nothing has a greater impact on the success of our business than our culture

We believe our culture is the single most important factor in our success. It shapes policy and process, informs what it is like to work here, and delivers long-term value for our stakeholders. Everyone from our President to our newest employee is equally responsible for owning and protecting our culture, and everyone can influence it.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe that a diverse workforce, inclusive culture and equitable practices are crucial to our long-term success – and that of our clients.

We know great work is never done alone. Our inclusive culture inspires allies and mentors and collectively, our brilliantly different minds come up with new ways of doing things that make a positive difference. Today, and in the future.

Meet some of our allies from the Investment Bank by watching the videos below.

Meet our allies

What is allyship about?

Aparna Kanthan, Global Equity Finance Distribution, shares how an ally’s support can be invaluable.

What does allyship mean to you?

Lindsay Chock, Global Markets, discusses the role of allyship in inspiring future generations.

Why are you an ally?

Allies from the IB explain why they consider themselves to be allies and the impact this can have.

Advice on how to be an ally

Advice from our allies on steps you can take to make a difference to others. 

What motivates you to be an ally?

Some of our IB colleagues discuss their motivation for being an ally and the rewards this can bring.

How has allyship had an impact on your life?

Allies from the IB talk about their experience of allyship and how it has brought positive change to their own lives.


Tech bridges gender divide

As the use and development of technology continues to mature, we want to know what tomorrow’s labor market will look like for women and whether we’re effectively harnessing the power of tech to narrow gender inequality gaps. We bring you insights, viewpoints and perspectives from experts across the globe.

With artificial intelligence likely to redefine the workplace, will it also help reduce the gender gap? 

Among the many and varied positive outcomes expected from an ever-wider application of AI, there is increasing optimism that it will help promote greater gender equality in the workplace.

The gender divide continues to be quite stark in many industries, despite efforts to drive more diversity in recent years. For example, said session moderator Martin Yule, Head of Research, Asia Pacific at UBS, only just over a quarter of entrants into the science, technology, engineering and maths industries are female, with a similarly low proportion represented in the finance sector.

women in tech panel

Diversity of thought drives innovation. Insights from UBS Women in Tech Summit in San Francisco.

To showcase the strength that women can bring to tech companies, we hosted our inaugural UBS Women in Tech Summit in San Francisco, bringing together over 200 technology investors and executives in a forum focused on female leaders.

Keynotes from Amy Weaver, President and CFO of Salesforce, and Anu Bharadwaj, President of Atlassian, along with venture capital and private equity panels discussed key trends impacting technology today – from AI adoption and monetization to the outlook on investor demand – and how women bring diversity of thought to help drive the industry.

Prof. Pascale Fung on the uptick of women in AI

Youmei Dou on how AI reduces gender gap

Jennifer Zhu Scott on AI and future generation

Poman Lo on the importance of starting with why

Michelle Yeoh on creating legacy

Golden Globe Awards Best Actress Michelle Yeoh joined the UBS Greater China Conference and opened up about the legacy she’s striving to create; how her storytelling can help make change through challenging ways of thinking and taking audiences to a world that is not their own.


UBS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report 2022

Our first global report highlights the advancement of DE&I across the firm. In it, we outline the progress we’ve made in each of our DE&I strategic pillars: clients; community and society; suppliers and vendors; and employees.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A diverse, equitable and inclusive culture drives stronger innovation, provides better service to clients and, most importantly, creates a better place for everyone to work. We want to ensure there’s diverse representation at every level of our business. To help ensure our DE&I beliefs are upheld across all parts of our business, our DE&I councils and members work in conjunction with employee networks and regional teams to drive alignment, efficiency and ultimately results. And by ensuring that topics related to DE&I are included in our dialogues with clients and across our industry, we can lead meaningful change.

Our people

A unique culture that underpins everything we do.

We provide our people with tools to learn, develop and grow within the company; whether it is to help stay up to date on industry developments, taking care of mental health or providing support for life outside of work.

Most importantly, we want to cultivate an environment where we all feel safe and supported.

Sustainability and impact

Creating long-term positive impact for clients, employees, investors and society.

We are committed to creating long-term positive impact for clients, employees, investors and society as a whole, and have a duty to drive change that matters. This includes partnering with local charities and helping our immediate communities. To supporting the transition to a low-carbon-economy and the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.