China 360 is a thematic research offering

Insights from the ground up

China 360 provides a direct window into one of the world’s most dynamic economies, connecting the dots across macro and industry themes to navigate a rapidly-evolving landscape.

Our team of experienced analysts deliver differentiated evidence-based thematic research that leverages the power of UBS Evidence Lab and UBS's market-leading research franchise.

We also offer our clients access to local China knowledge and insights from established and emerging companies, experts, entrepreneurs and everyday consumers to help them make better investment decisions.

On-the-ground access

Expert access. Local knowledge and insights from industry experts, companies and consumers for an alternative read through on the sectors and topics that matter to you.

Bespoke Tours. From mom-and-pop shops to high-tech hubs, first tier cities to fifth, our small-group field trips give our clients granular and unique perspectives on the changes underway in China's fast-moving economy.

Events. Through our wide-reaching network we help our clients gain access to events that can help shape their thinking.

Comprehensive. Carefully curated. Customized.

Highlights from recent China 360 tours

Mobile Robotics Tour with founders, CEOs and senior executives from fast-growing domestic companies including an autonomous driving firm, a humanoid robotics company, a robot vacuum cleaner company, a domestic LiDAR startup, plus insights from early-stage investors in China tech.

China Luxury Virtual Tour with the CEO of a luxury shopping mall, several major international luxury brands, a duty-free expert, a whisky/cognac expert, the founder of a popular athleisure brand, a baijiu consultant, and a brand influencer with nearly 4m+ followers on social media.

Our approach

Analysis, access and insights from the ground up
Underpinned by an extensive local network of experts
Focused on the consumer, internet, technology and macro trends that matter
Powered by proprietary UBS Evidence Lab data

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