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Signals to Watch: A changing world full of investment opportunity

COVID-19 has thrust us into an era of huge uncertainty, forcing people to make major changes at work and at home, while companies pivot to new ways of operating. For investors and corporate decision–makers, this new environment poses a multitude of complex questions. To what extent will people go back to working in offices? What will transport services look like in the future? How will global trade and supply chains be transformed by the pandemic?

Barry Hurewitz, Group Managing Director, Global Head of Evidence Lab Innovations UBS, discusses his team’s mission is to surface relevant insights with the Wall Street Journal.

Counter-Covid: Why we may live longer post-pandemic

UBS Research argues the COVID-19 pandemic could act as a catalyst to increased life expectancy over the long-term, thanks to improvements in health tech, a policy pivot on obesity and a positive shift in consumer attitudes towards health.

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