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UBS Tech Week

In many ways, our digital lifestyles are catching up to our physical selves, and we are increasingly breaking free from two dimensions into a fully 3D environment. Our inaugural Digital Assets & TMI Conference focused on the current trends and players who are making this possible, upstream and down. Take a look at what two of our speakers had to say.

Khailee Ng, Managing Partner, 500 Global

Cathy Hackl, Founder and Chief Metaverse Officer, Journey

Business Unusual

How throwaway fashion impacts the planet

Garment production and supply has a significant environmental footprint, and consumers are cottoning on. Hear how growing awareness could change the face of global fast fashion.

How throwaway fashion impacts the planet


Vicki Kalb, ESG & Sustainability Analyst, UBS Global Research, discusses what rising awareness could mean for the fast fashion industry with the Wall Street Journal Custom Content team.

How to understand the new technology landscape

COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for cloud adoption, inspiring a shift toward combining software development and organizations’ IT operations.

Radical digitalization: How to understand the new technology landscape


Diviya Nagarajan, Analyst, Asia Software & Services, Global Research discusses how COVID-19 is set to shape the enterprise use of software and services with the Wall Street Journal Custom content team.

Future of capital

Unpacking the plastic problem

Just 16% of all plastic is recycled, and solving this global, systemic problem will take a significant amount of time and collective effort. But UBS believe the plastics packaging market could move faster than the rest of the industry, and have assessed how key sectors would be impacted.

Net zero: breaking down the bill

What investment is needed to switch to clean fuels, and how will capital expenditure be allocated across the energy supply chain?

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