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Ideas that shape our future

Technology is a transformative force moving at incredible speed. We offer longer-term balanced perspectives on the technologies that are building a better world for tomorrow.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Is AI really the next big thing? How will this technology evolve? We discussed this and more at the recent Future-Now APAC Conference in Hong Kong.

Auto driving

Autonomous driving

How does the industry overcome the challenges from technology, regulatory, cost and geopolitics, and gradually make autonomous driving a reality? 



What’s next for green tech? See highlights from the Future-Now APAC conference. 

How is the financial services landscape set to evolve?

On the ground sentiment from our recent Financial Services Conference suggests a remarkably upbeat tone from corporates, optimism towards the economic environment and a resilient US consumer. Watch the video to learn more.

Opportunities to harness technology

Technology is a driver of sustainable business growth and can help to future-proof against new risk frontiers. Find out about the innovations that are transforming the way businesses operate for employees, customers, clients and communities.

Tech VR

Changing consumer trends driving innovation

From moving to a new house to buying a car, new technologies such as AI, paired with changing consumer trends have provided a hotbed for innovation and investors are watching closely. 

AI driving C-Suite

How AI is accelerating the C-Suite

AI is impacting every enterprise function, from sales teams and product design through to executive-level decision-making.


Will Generative AI deliver a generational transformation?

Fast-paced developments in Generative AI have created a global discussion about the potential for a generational transformation of business. We explore the opportunities and threats presented across 30-plus sectors in our flagship Q-Series analysis.

Tech minds choose UBS

Our tech sector analysts, bankers and economists connect worldwide with corporate leaders, investors, policymakers and industry experts to debate the big ideas, trends and challenges shaping the sector.

Jessica Tull speaks about industry thinking on building strong AI operational and talent foundations

Minesh Tanna discusses the three layers of AI regulation financial firms should be aware of

Marcus Martinez on the power of using smart prompts and approaching LLMs and SLMs

De Kai on the potential for artificial intelligence to help overcome human bias

Geoffrey Hinton on the path forward for artificial intelligence

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