In June 2023, UBS Group AG completed the legal close of the acquisition of Credit Suisse Group AG, a pivotal moment in UBS’s history and an opportunity to create an even stronger Investment Bank.

The legal merger of Credit Suisse AG with UBS AG, also known as the Parent Bank Merger (“PBM” or “legal merger”), was completed on 31 May 2024, marking a key milestone in our integration journey. Following completion of the PBM, Credit Suisse AG’s business transferred to UBS AG, with Credit Suisse AG ceasing to exist. Although the two entities have now legally merged into one entity, they have not yet operationally merged; as such, we continue to have two sets of contracts, operational infrastructure and processes for a transitionary period.


This section seeks to answer frequently asked questions ("FAQs") relating to the PBM and is intended for clients and counterparties of UBS AG and Credit Suisse AG. If you have questions that are not covered as part of these FAQs, please contact your Sales representative or email ib-ncl-pbm@ubs.com.

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Section A: Introduction

Section B: About UBS AG

Section C: How does the completion of the PBM impact our business relationship?

Section D: How does the completion of the PBM impact my operational processes?

Part 1: FAQs for legacy Credit Suisse AG Clients

Part 2: FAQs for Clients who were onboarded to both Credit Suisse AG and UBS AG

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If you have any queries relating to the Parent Bank Merger, that are not answered by these FAQs, please reach out to either your usual coverage person or email us at ib-ncl-pbm@ubs.com.