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First foreign bank to sponsor an IPO on STAR market

UBS Securities solely sponsored a biological technology company's STAR Market (China’s Nasdaq-style tech board) IPO with UBS as the co-investor, making us the first foreign IPO sponsor and the first international co-investor in a STAR Market deal. It is also the largest healthcare STAR Market deal so far.

First international bank to increase its stake to take majority control in a local securities firm (UBS Securities)

First fully licensed international bank in the A-Share market

Named Best Investment Bank in China by Global Finance, 2019

Leading Sales, Research and Access teams in China in Institutional Investor surveys

Approximately 65 analysts focused on China, with 20 + analysts on the ground

First foreign bank to sponsor an IPO on STAR market

Named one of the top 3 China A-Share Index Inclusion Brokers of the Year by HKEX Stock Connect Awards 2019


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20th UBS Greater China Conference

The 20th UBS Greater China Conference in Shanghai continues to be the leading forum for investors and corporates looking for new ideas, deep insight and access to the world's most dynamic economy. From China's macro outlook and the future of the US-China economic relationship, to the future of ESG in China and what it means to investors, as well as traditional sector perspectives, our 20th anniversary edition provided an opportunity to connect, reflect and refocus on the future.

Beijing Music Festival

UBS celebrates 16 years of support for the Beijing Music Festival, with world premiere performance by French pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Chinese conductor Huang Yi and the China Philharmonic Orchestra.

UBS in China

With a strong presence in China since the late 1980s, in 2018 we took a 51% majority stake in our China joint venture, UBS Securities – the first international investment bank to do so.

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