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UBS My Way

Build your wealth management portfolio to suit your taste. You choose, we take care of the rest.       

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Managed portfolio built individually for you

Our hybrid managed solution pairs your personal selections with our CIO views. A portfolio built to meet your individual needs.

Exclusive selection of investment products

Searching for the best market opportunities can be time consuming. We made it easy with our modular offering. Pick and choose based on your interests.

Easy and convenient​ portfolio management

Leave the day-to-day management to us and benefit from regular check-ins and performance reports.

Next-generation portfolio management

Create an investment portfolio as unique as you are. Align your investments to your individual taste.

The best of both worlds: you choose, we take care of the rest. 

Just as you carefully select everything in your life, your financial choices couldn’t be any different. Together, we guide you through a selection of investment themes and products that matter to you to create a personalized portfolio.

UBS My Way investment portfolio management

  • Based on a collection of active, passive, direct and thematic investment products for better global exposure and portfolio diversification. 
  • Chance to seek returns and drive change through sustainable investing.
  • Day-to-day management, including risk monitoring and regular performance updates.
  • Portfolio altered at any time to ensure it’s always the right fit.  

Get a first glimpse: UBS My Way investment portfolio simulator

Simulate a UBS My Way portfolio with the new modular system for more individuality. Experience the new innovative solution.

  • Pick and choose from a variety of curated themes and focus areas ranging from regional to ESG funds.
  • Preview how your selection is best reflected in a diversified and balanced portfolio. 
  • Get a taste of how your simulated portfolio could perform.
  • Receive your results via email and reach out to a financial advisor near you to discuss the full offering of over 60 thematic building blocks.

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Our thematic investments

Experience a selection of the thematic investment possibilities that matter most to you.

Investing for a sustainable future

Seek returns and drive change through sustainable investing (SI) without compromising on returns. UBS My Way offers a range of building blocks for you to start your personal SI journey.​

  • Seek returns and drive change
  • Invest along your values
  • Social and ecological trends

Big trends & investment themes

New technology, demographic and societal changes are quickly impacting the world we live in. UBS My Way offers a range of building blocks to invest into companies which aim to benefit from game-changing mega trends.​

  • Key industries moving markets
  • Invest in the themes of tomorrow
  • Diversify your exposure

Regional focus

Economies, countries and regions around the world have their own strength and growth agendas. UBS My Way offers a range of building blocks for you to invest into the countries and regions that you prefer.​

  • Local with a global view
  • Focus on key regions
  • Deep, specific insights

Income enhancement

In a low interest rate environment, you need to be selective to identify quality stocks and bonds with high dividends and coupons. UBS My Way offers a range of building blocks to support your hunt for yield.

  • Increase total returns
  • Highlighting alternative yield
  • Income-focused curation

Single stocks

Invest into individual companies. We build a diversified basket of single stocks based on countries, regions, styles and themes. UBS My Way offers a range of building blocks consisting of direct stock baskets hand-selected by UBS experts.

  • Expert-selected baskets
  • High conviction plays
  • Risk-controlled concentration


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