Give your child the gift of trust

The responsible use of money can be learned – UBS me, the banking package for young people can help you

Financial skills take practice. As parents you can have a positive influence on your children by providing active support. Talk openly with your child about money and consumption, use real learning situations in everyday life and gradually allow your child to take personal responsibility. Their first own account is the ideal learning environment for discovering how to handle money responsibly.

UBS me

The most important information at a glance

Free1 banking package

Free account management1, cash withdrawals, debit, credit and/or prepaid card

Finances under control

With push notifications and a prepaid card on a credit basis, your child can keep an eye on their finances at all times.

Receive 50 francs as a gift

50 KeyClub points (1 KeyClub point = 1 Swiss franc) will be credited to their points account when the contract is concluded.

Open account

Open a UBS me banking package with your child.

Information for your child

Your child can find out everything he or she needs to know about UBS me here.

Out and about with your child? Just drop in at a branch near you and open the banking package straight away.

UBS me, the banking package for young people: the benefits

  • For young people aged between 12 and 22
  • Accounts, cards and bank services free of charge if all bank documents are delivered digitally. CHF 5 for banking documents delivery on paper.
  • Including a Visa Debit or Mastercard Debit, as well as a Credit and Prepaid Card2
  • Free cash withdrawals (in CHF) from a UBS Personal Account with the Visa Debit or Mastercard Debit at all UBS Bancomats in Switzerland
  • Preferential interest rate for the personal account and savings account for young people
  • UBS KeyClub bonus program
  • E-Banking, Mobile Banking, UBS Access App and UBS TWINT included
  • Over 3,000 savings deals with a free cashyou subscription

We help you build dialog with your child

Teenagers ask a lot of questions, and the subject of money is no exception. Our guide explains how to talk to your child about money and consumption on an equal footing.

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