What is NFC and how can I tell if my smart phone is NFC-enabled?

NFC (Near Field Communication) allows you to wirelessly share access data when logging on to the mobile banking app. This requires your Access Card NFC and an NFC-enabled Android smart phone.

Your mobile phone’s manual or the manufacturer’s website will tell you whether your Android smart phone is NFC-enabled. You cannot log on via NFC with the iOS operating system (iPhone or iPad) because Apple does not support this technology (yet).

If your smart phone supports NFC but the «Access Card» login variant is not displayed, NFC may have been disabled. Some mobile phones disable NFC automatically when the battery runs low. You can (re)activate NFC in your device’s settings. Your mobile phone manual or the manufacturer’s website will tell you how to do this.

Your Access Card is NFC-enabled if there is a radio icon next to the card chip. You are welcome to order an NFC-enabled Access Card from us if you do not have one yet.

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