How do I use the new 3-D Secure?

Using the new 3-D Secure with the UBS Access app

You need the UBS Access app and a smartphone to be able to use the new 3-D Secure.

You can use the new 3-D Secure right after you have successfully activated the Access app. For online purchases made at participating online shops using your UBS credit card or prepaid card, you are requested by a push notification on your smartphone to confirm your online purchase using the Access app.

Important notice regarding push notifications

Check your smartphone’s settings to ensure that push notifications are enabled for the Access app. Otherwise you won't receive any push notifications and you'll need to open the app manually to confirm online purchases.

Using the new 3-D Secure with a text message code

You can also use the new 3-D Secure with text message codes. To do so, you need to save a mobile phone number in e-banking. Navigate to «Cards (Credit/Prepaid cards) > Self-service» and save your mobile phone number under «Mobile phone for security messages».