How can I register for the 3-D Secure process?

With the 3-D Secure process, you can confirm online purchases via mobile phone – most easily with the UBS Access App. Please indicate whether you have a credit card (or a partner card) with or without a UBS account.

Registering without a UBS account (e.g., with a partner or corporate card)

You can confirm online purchases with the UBS Access App or via text message code even if you don't have a UBS account. To do so, you’ll require access to Digital Banking in your name. This is generated automatically when you register for the new 3-D Secure process. Using Digital Banking to manage your card is optional and free of charge.

Choose which method you want to use to confirm your purchases and follow the registration process described:

To confirm your online shopping with the UBS Access App, you first have to activate it. To do so, you need a smartphone, the UBS Access App and your Digital Banking contract number.

  1. Download the UBS Access App onto your smartphone.
  2. Open the Access App and enter your E-Banking contract number.
  3. Follow the instructions.

How-to video:

If you are unable to use the Access App, please register via the registration form. Your mobile number will then be stored as the security number for the new 3-D Secure process. For future 3-D Secure purchases, you’ll receive a text message code to approve purchases.

Don't have the Access App, Digital Banking or a mobile phone?

Registering with a UBS account

Have a UBS account? Then you can register your credit card for the 3-D Secure process using the following steps. If you don't have a UBS account, please proceed to "Register without a UBS Account."

1. Do you have a Digital Banking contract in your own name?

2. Check whether your card is displayed under “Cards” in Digital Banking.

3. Choose which method you want to use to confirm your purchases.

To confirm your online purchases with the App, you must first activate it. To do this, you need a smartphone and the UBS Access App.

1. Download the UBS Access App onto your smartphone

2. Next, activate the Access App

After successful activation, you can immediately use 3-D Secure at participating online shops.

Alternatively, you can also use the 3-D Secure process with an SMS code. To do so, you will need to save your mobile number in UBS Digital Banking. After activation, you will receive an SMS code for every online purchase you make. This SMS code is then used to confirm the card payment.