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Achieve your impact goals with the help of us, and your peers.

We all want a better world. But the challenges facing the planet are too complex to solve alone. Philanthropists must work together, combining skills and resources, to collaborate on projects with the power to create lasting change. Joining the Global Philanthropists Community (GPC), can help you maximize your impact.

Our members-only network connects you with peer philanthropists. So together, you can drive philanthropic innovations – and shape the future you want to see.

What does membership include?

  • An exclusive platform to connect with philanthropists, including an online directory of GPC members who share similar passions or expertise.
  • Insights with access to curated and exclusive content via podcasts, videos, articles, and research by experts, practitioners, thought leaders, and other GPC members. You can also attend tailored and curated gatherings – online and in-person.
  • Education through a virtual learning program that helps you become an informed changemaker.
  • Resources and toolkits, including checklists, templates and guides designed to help you maximize your impact.
  • Funding solutions with access to vetted UBS Optimus Foundation flagship programs, Global Visionaries – and opportunities to join collective giving circles.
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If you are not yet a member of the GPC

Contact your Advisor at UBS for access to this members-only network(PDF, 284 KB), connecting you with peer philanthropists.

If you are not yet a client, please reach out to so that we can discuss your needs.

Stefanie Fehr, Community Manager

GPC affinity circles

Within our GPC community, we often find that our members discover common lenses – we call these affinity circles – and we aim to facilitate these smaller networks so that you may not only learn more but also be connected to others interested in the same topics. Have an idea for a new affinity circle? Don’t hesitate to talk to us!

Faith and philanthropy

Discover the transformative potential of faith-inspired philanthropy. For many, faith serves as a guiding light in the journey towards creating positive change in the world. Our dedicated circle connects philanthropists who share these values, offering exclusive gatherings, networking opportunities, and access to impactful programs.

Sample the experience

Philanthropy Academy

Leveraging our 20 years of expertise, our UBS Philanthropy team will empower you to approach your philanthropic giving with a more strategic lens.

GPC Conference (GPCC)

The GPCC is an interactive event, where you’ll join peer philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and thought leaders for a day of inspiring and engaging discussions. We’ll focus on the innovative solutions and radical steps needed to achieve the UN’s ambitious 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

GPC Insights

Every month we share, podcasts, interviews, articles and much more with our members. Read our latest interview with one of our GPC members ‘Visioning process for my venture philanthropy focused on entrepreneurship’.

A community like no other

UBS Client and GPC member

I thought the call was very helpful this morning. You assembled an amazing group of philanthropists who have much to contribute to a think tank. My favorite quote was to fall in love with the problem, not the solution.

UBS Client and GPC member

Thank you for this and for the work you are doing within the UBS philanthropist community, I do believe it’s extremely valid and needed.

UBS Client and GPC member

Thank you for that brief session. I wanted to let you know that as a result of the discussion I have numerous ideas to follow up on. This was a good way to think outside of the box and to get some input from others. Well done!

The GPC is an integral part of our global philanthropy offering

UBS Philanthropy Services is a unique, award-winning1 offering that partners with clients and their families to maximize their philanthropic impact. We provide comprehensive advice, insight experiences, and execution services, and employ an investment-based approach to deliver solutions to pressing social and environmental issues.

1Best Global Bank for Philanthropy Advice, Euromoney Private Banking Survey 2017-2022

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