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We have 25+ years of track record and applying an investment-based approach, our global team makes it simpler for you to get engaged and maximize your impact through giving or investing.

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We offer holistic insights and experiences, advice and execution services to help you maximize your impact and build your legacy.​

Insights and experiences​

Discover the latest research, guides, stories, and impactful projects from our world of social impact. Attend exclusive events, trips and networking opportunities with people and experts who share your passion for change.

Philanthropy advisory​

Our experienced advisors are here to help you in creating a philanthropy strategy that aligns with your values and maxomizes your positive impact. Whether you’re an individual or family, business leader or entrepreneur, philanthropist or investor, we provide tailored advice to make your giving journey both fulfilling and effective.​

Execution solutions

Our expert team is dedicated to turning your philanthropic aspirations into real-world solutions. From access to high-impact grantmaking, social finance tools, to collaborative philanthropy and donor-advised funds. We offer end-to-end solutions that ensure your resources create lasting change.

Hear from our clients

The solution: The couple’s UBS Client Advisor brought together members of the UBS Social Impact & Philanthropy team to help think through important questions around the couple’s philanthropic vision. These included looking at:​

  • What areas and specific issues were important to the couple​
  • Their patterns of giving in the past, including average size and type of assets​
  • How they want to be remembered​
  • Other family members they may want to involve​

Based on a series of conversations, Tiffany and Paul were able to define their specific interests and intentions. These became the basis for a comprehensive philanthropic strategy that included setting up a private foundation with a plan to involve their two children and allow the family to direct gifts where they determined they would have the most impact.​

The solution: Together with his UBS Client Advisor, John met with members of the UBS Social Impact & Philanthropy team who introduced him to the UBS Optimus Foundation. The foundation offers three ready-made opportunities to practice collective philanthropy, which offers several benefits, including:​

  • Working with people with shared interests and determination to solve an issue​
  • Participating in a learning experience with peers to boost knowledge, skills and confidence ​
  • Connecting with powerful people, organizations and solutions to magnify efforts​

After several discussions, John decided to join the UBS Climate Collective, which is focused on building coastal resilience, one of the most affected areas and where promising solutions exist.​

Join an impact ecosystem​

We believe that no one should work alone and that together with you we can build an impact ecosystem for positive change. We offer many opportunities to experience meaningful collaboration with others, expanding your network and amplifying your impact.​

Global Philanthropists Community

Our members only network connects you to other UHNW philanthropists and gives you access to exclusive events, insights and resources.​

UBS Collectives

Experience the power of collective philanthropy! Pool your resources with other clients and team-up with our vetted partners to drive systemic change while benefiting from a two-year learning journey.

UBS Optimus Foundation

Our independent foundation staffed by world-class expert works with clients, employees and partners to drive systemic and catalytic impact for the most marginalized communities, especially for children and young people.

UBS Global Visionaries​

Get introduced to and collaborate with leading social entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Faith in Philanthropy​

Join a community exploring the intersection of faith and giving. Through shared human values you can support faith-based organizations together.

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