Faith and Philanthropy

Maximize your philanthropic impact in alignment with your faith

Faith and Philanthropy

We all want a better world. But the challenges facing the planet are too complex to solve alone. We must work together, combining skills and resources, to collaborate on projects with the power to create lasting change.

For many philanthropists, faith can play an important role in their giving. What is the Faith and Philanthropy network? The Faith and Philanthropy network connects like-minded, philanthropic peers motivated by the same faith and values, so that collectively you can drive social impact and innovation – and shape the future you want to see.

What can you expect?

  • Attend exclusive gatherings that explore purpose and philanthropy from various faith motivations
  • Expand your network by connecting with like-minded philanthropists and share best practices
  • Enhance your philanthropy skills and learn about solutions to some of the world’s pressing social problems.
  • Gain access to vetted UBS Optimus Foundation programs that are faith inspired or faith based but not faith biased
  • Join a collective giving circle

Maximize your philanthropic impact in alignment with your faith

Which faith motivations does UBS speak about?

To date, we have organized events and recorded podcasts that explore philanthropy and purpose from either a Christian, Jewish or Muslim perspective with the intent to explore other faith motivations in the future.

Terms & Definitions

  • Faith focused: Organizations that are aligned with, promote, and aim to grow the number of followers within a specific faith.
  • Faith based, but not faith biased: Organizations that are aligned with a specific faith but serve people of all faiths, or none, without proselytization.
  • Faith inspired: Secular organizations founded by people with a strong faith background.

Join one of our philanthropy events!

We host a number of philanthropy-themed events each year. Featuring insights from our own experts and other leading industry figures, they include our Philanthropy Forum series which explores the latest topics from across the sector. Find our most recent events below and browse all events here.

Christian perspective

Philanthropy and purpose from a Christian perspective

A discussion with Christopher Chandler, Founder of Legatum Capital, and Ilaria Chan, Group Advisor on Social Impact Investments at Grab

Jewish perspective

Philanthropy and purpose from a Jewish perspective

A fireside chat with Mark Gerson, co-founder of the Gerson Lehrman Group and Thuzio, and Chairman of African Mission Healthcare

A discussion with David Altschuler, co-founder of One to One Children’s Fund, and Rabbi Barry Marcus MBE, Holocaust educator, former Rabbi of Central London Synagogue

Muslim perspective

Philanthropy and purpose from a Muslim perspective

Join Safia Dandia, Associate Director on the Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services team, in a discussion with CEO of Muso Dr. Ari Johnson and Mali Country Director for Muso, Dr. Djoume Diakite

A discussion with Riaz Kamlani, Executive Vice President, The Citizens Foundation, and Imam Khalid Latif, Chaplain at The Islamic Center at NYU

Why does UBS speak about faith?

Tom Naratil
For many of the families that we work with, faith plays an extremely important role in shaping their values and informing their decisions about how to make a difference. It can be one of the deepest, most important motivators behind not only why someone gives, but how they give. It’s very simple – what’s important to our clients is important to us.
Tom Hall, Global Head of Social Impact & Philanthropy

The Faith and Philanthropy network is part of our global philanthropy offering

UBS Philanthropy Services is a unique, award-winning1 offering that partners with clients and their families to maximize their philanthropic impact. We provide comprehensive advice, insight experiences, and execution services, and employ an investment-based approach to deliver solutions to pressing social and environmental issues.

Best Global Bank

Best Global Bank for Philanthropy Advice, Euromoney Private Banking Survey 2017-20221

Influence of faith values on philanthropy

To learn more from our experts about developing philanthropic strategies that are both financially impactful and spiritually fulfilling, download the full guide.

Our hope is that through real-life examples, you will enhance your understanding of the faith-inspired giving landscape and how to develop a framework to approach philanthropy and investing with a faith lens. If you’re interested in connecting with philanthropic peers motivated by the same faith and values, speak with your client advisor about joining our Faith and philanthropy network.

Zakat-Eligible Programs

UBS Optimus Foundation (UBS-OF) focuses on providing positive social impact for the most vulnerable populations globally. Through high-quality programs, excellent social results have been achieved. Many of these most vulnerable communities are Muslim, resulting in UBS-OF funding projects in countries that support Muslim beneficiaries.

The UBS Optimus Foundation appreciates Zakat and its role in Islamic philanthropy. Zakat is a form of almsgiving and treated like a "wealth tax" to purify Muslims’ earnings, discourage selfishness, miserliness, and provide social support to the underprivileged2.

Testimonials from our clients

Read Testimonials from our clients regarding Faith and Philanthropy at UBS

Impactful and touching

“I am very encouraged by this initiative by UBS. Impactful and touching. Thank you - An amazing event.”

UBS Client, Hong Kong


"This was very insightful sharing into the tangible impact of faith and philanthropy and how data can make better informed on philanthropic decisions."

UBS Client, Singapore


"What a privilege to be part of this network. Tremendously challenged by all that was shared and have much to think about. Thank you!"

UBS Client, United Kingdom


"Thank you. Very bold and courageous for UBS to organize this network."

UBS Client, United States