Execution solutions

Impactful solutions for philanthropic execution and delivery

Embark on your journey of purpose and put your vision into action with our comprehensive execution solutions. From curated access to vetted programs through our UBS Optimus Foundation to the flexibility of tailored structures, we provide diverse solutions crafted to meet your unique goals.

Access vetted programs

Maximize your impact by providing patient capital to support standout programs and social enterprises.

Your benefits

  • Delegate the implementation – Choose from our vetted programs or recommend one1 in line with our strategy for which we can provide strategy development, due diligence, contracting and reporting.
  • We match your giving – with contributions from UBS of 10% (sometimes more).
  • 100% of your donations go to the program – UBS covers all the administration and management costs.
  • Wide range of tools to support not-for-profit organizations and impactful businesses – pure grants, outcomes-based financing and blended-finance solutions.
  • 25+ years of track record and impact experts in-house.

Structure your giving

You don’t always need a structure to give, but if you do, we’re happy to provide you with advice on our two solutions.

Donor-advised fund (DAF)

A donor-advised fund (DAF) enables you to have a cost effective and truly flexible way to donate to your favorite charities, while avoiding the administrative and financial burden1. If you wish to create a lasting legacy, you can involve family members in your giving too.

  • No set up fees, annual charges or percentage deductions from your donations.
  • UBS covers all ongoing administration costs.
  • Quick to set up and simple in structure.
  • Can be managed in line with your usual investment approach2
  • Make donations to charities as and when you wish.
  • Possibility to involve family members.
  • Ability to apply for tax relief3.

Set up your own charitable structure

Craft your philanthropic legacy by leveraging our expertise in establishing a private foundation or personalized giving strategy. We empower you to shape your philanthropy according to your unique vision and goal.

Partner with others

Embark on a two-year learning journey with fellow philanthropists and experts to drive systemic change. By combining your efforts, skills, and resources as part of a UBS Collective, you'll achieve more than could ever be possible alone.

Belong to a network that makes a big difference

Including fellow philanthropists who are united in their desire to make a difference and UBS experts, who can personally support you.

Become a better philanthropist

Grow your knowledge, skills, and network by accessing our insights, participating in trainings, in-person conferences, and a week-long insights trip1.

Team-up to fund vetted best-in-class organizations

Address change systemically and create a combined financial to truly change things; we'll add an extra 10% on top.

Unite your family around shared value

Experiencing philanthropy with other family members is a great way to bring your family closer together.

Three ready-made collectives for you to choose from

UBS Accelerate Collective

  • Accelerating the use of innovative financing models.
  • Unlocking more capital for education, climate, and environmental outcomes in developing countries.

UBS Transform Collective

  • Transforming child protection systems to prioritize best practice models of family-based childcare.
  • Redirect resources from orphanages towards these solutions so that children grow and thrive in safe, loving families.

UBS Climate Collective

Catalyzing the blue carbon market to enable climate mitigation and climate resilient livelihoods for communities and smallholders living off mangroves.

For illustrative purposes only. Please always read in conjunction with the risk information at the end of the document. UBS does not provide legal or tax advice.