Ever wondered if your philanthropic efforts could make an even greater impact? You’re not alone, being effective is not easy and making informed, strategic decisions for giving and investing is something many of our clients want to explore.

Our comprehensive advisory services are designed to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your philanthropy aligns with your values and creates a lasting impact. Just ask your advisor if these services are available to you.

Who do we advise?

Our tailored advisory sessions help you define and share your core values with the next generation, creating a lasting legacy of impact and unity. By helping you engage your network and resources, we empower you to advocate for meaningful causes and make strategic philanthropic decisions that align with your values and passions.

With our guidance, you can embed purpose into every aspect of your business, creating a positive impact on both your company and the planet. We can advise you on how to implement high ESG standards, operate sustainably, and set new standards for socially responsible business practices.

Discover our guide on how to use your business for good.

Our data-driven approach enables you to make strategic philanthropic decisions that have a meaningful and lasting impact on the communities you support. We provide you with the tools and resources to maximize the effectiveness of your charitable giving, ensuring that your contributions create lasting change and support sustainable initiatives.

Through our sustainable investment strategies, we help you achieve your financial objectives while making measurable and positive impact on the world. Our expertise in social investing, in particular through blended finance, ensures that’s your financial decisions are aligned with your values, creating a sustainable and purposeful investment portfolio.

Your journey with us

Your philanthropic journey with us is as individual and unique as you are. Your passions, skills and ambitions drive your project. Then, we can collaboratively design the process in advisory sessions and workshops.

This could be your journey

First conversation to understand your needs

We provide preparation material


Workshop summary and next steps

Check in

Follow up advisory session

Your role:

Following an introduction to key concepts and approaches to strategic philanthropy, you ll be invited to:

  • Work on case studies and exercises
  • Participate in group discussions (especially if other family members or non family stakeholders are involved)

What does effective philanthropy look like?

How can you make sure you use your resources wisely, create a virtuous cycle and avoid causing harm? By using our six key principles known as the 6-s framework to minimize negative outcomes and help you maximize your impact.


What are the problems or issues you would like to address?


How can you identify solutions that work and are cost effective?


What are you and your family's broad objectives?


Do you have the right giving vehicle to maximize your impact?


How can you exit from or sustain the solutions you invest in?


Can the solution be scaled to maximize reach and impact?

Get your guide: UBS Philanthropy Compass

Our UBS Philanthropy Compass is inspired by our interactions with families and individuals around the globe who are driven by their passion for making the world a better place.

Whether on your own or with the help of one of our philanthropy advisors, discover how it can guide you in your philanthropic journey.

Explore our UBS Philanthropy Compass

Neena Vaswani

UBS client, United Kingdom

I had stopped giving as I really wanted to take a break and find my own voice in my philanthropic giving and figure out where I wanted to give and how. During lockdown, we had some time to get on a call with UBS Philanthropy, and as a family they took us on a journey of finding our philanthropic mission and vision and really look at what areas we wanted to give in. It was a really fun and intimate process. I’ve really enjoyed becoming a deeper part of the UBS family and learning to think differently.

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