Internship Programs

Internship Programs

Our internships are an ideal way to gain the work experience you need. For 10 weeks you’ll be right at the heart of the business and take part in day-to-day operations. You'll not only learn about the business from top to bottom, you’ll also experience our unique workplace culture. Also, our summer internship offers you the opportunity to enhance your business knowledge (and your network) with business speeches, community days and case studies.

Summer internships

The primary locations for summer internships are: Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, Moscow, Nashville, New York area (New York, Stamford, Weehawken), Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Zurich.

3 to 6 month internships

In Switzerland and Poland, we recruit year-round for our 3 to 6 month internship program (in addition to our summer internships in Switzerland).

Industrial placements

In the UK we also offer 6 to 12 month industrial placements.