Coronavirus bridging loan

Important information on securing liquidity for Swiss SMEs

Support measures for SME

The Federal Council provides liquidity support to SMEs in Switzerland.

Official information for start-ups

Here you will find all available information about the guarantee programs announced:

I have already received the loan:

UBS may reject your application without stating the reasons. In this case, you are of course free to submit an application to another bank.

The Federal Council ordinance clearly regulates the use of the bridging loan. The sole purpose of the loan is to cover running costs. This excludes, inter alia, the payment of dividends, the reimbursement of capital contributions, or new investments in fixed assets other than replacement investments. Once a company has recovered and wants to finance growth plans or distribute capital again, it can pay back the guaranteed COVID-19 loan and obtain financing from profits, “normal” bank loans or the capital market.

No, for regulatory reasons you are not allowed to credit the new account with the title "SWISS-GOV" or "E9" in the IBAN for the time being. We will inform you as soon as credits are possible.

Federal coverage of the COVID-19 loan applies for five years. An extension to seven years is possible in cases of hardship. It is intended that you will gradually repay the loan within this period. The start date for repayments is determined according to your possibilities. The account must then be closed.

You can make payments as soon as you see the “SWISS-GOV” account in E-Banking. Do you have urgent payments and is the account not yet visible despite confirmation? If so, contact your client advisor. He will carry out an account transfer and you can initiate payments through your existing account.

Please note that the “SWISS-GOV” account is only intended for account transfers, not for outgoing and incoming payments. First execute an account transfer by selecting "Payments > Direct access: account transfer". Debit the “SWISS-GOV” account, specify the desired amount and select your normal account as the credit account. You can then use your normal account as usual for your payments.

If you already use UBS financing solutions (e.g. If you have existing loans), we will be happy to discuss the possibility of suspending their amortization. Together we will find a solution. Your client advisor is here for you.