Coronavirus bridging loan

Important information on securing liquidity for Swiss SMEs

Support measures for SME

UBS supports the Immediate Measures of the Federal Council and stands as a strong partner alongside its corporate clients, who have run into liquidity and financing difficulties through no fault of their own due to the Corona crisis.
The program is now closed, but UBS continues to support its Swiss corporate clients.

Official information for start-ups

Here you will find all available information about the guarantee programs announced:

Support for cases of hardship

The Federal Council also provides financial support to companies that are particularly affected by the Corona crisis, taking over two-thirds of the total costs, and the cantons accounting for one third. Under the federal hardship rule, the cantons define individual solutions. For more information, please contact the relevant cantonal helpdesk.

I have already received the loan:

The Covid-19 Solidarity Guarantee Act clearly regulates the use of the bridging loan. The sole purpose of the loan is to cover the running costs. Excluded, among other things, is the decision and payment of dividends or the reimbursement of investments. Once a company has recovered, it can repay the guaranteed COVID-19 loan and finance itself through profits, “conventional" bank loans or the capital market.

The federal coverage for the COVID-19 loan applies for eight years. It is intended that you will gradually repay the loan within this period. The start date of repayments is mandatory on 31 March 2022. Of course, you have the option to return the COVID-19 loan at any time and before the end of the loan term. Please contact your client advisor - you will receive the relevant documents immediately.

If you already use UBS financing solutions (e.g. If you have existing loans), we will be happy to discuss the possibility of suspending their amortization. Together we will find a solution. Your client advisor is here for you.