About the toolkit


Mark Cheng – Author Social Investment Toolkit, European Director of Ashoka

This toolkit is a guide for social entrepreneurs looking to raise social investment. We have created eight modules that represent key steps in the path to raising investment. We assume little financial knowledge, and will introduce key concepts as we go. By the end, you should have everything you need to be able to approach investors

My name is Mark Cheng. I’m a Director at Ashoka, a global network of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Since 1980, Ashoka has supported over 3,500 outstanding social innovators through its global Fellowship. We noticed that many of our Fellows had developed ideas with outstanding social impact, but many were still struggling to raise finance. When we asked why, we realised that many did not understand how to raise investment, or to approach investors, or the language that investors spoke. In 2010 I launched a program to help social entrepreneurs raise finance. Since then, we’ve helped many social entrepreneurs successfully overcome these barriers and raise large amounts of investment. I’ve written this Toolkit so that we can share our experience and lessons learned with many more entrepreneurs seeking to do the same.

UBS and Ashoka are partnering to help social entrepreneurs navigate the growing field of social investment. We hope through this Social Investment Toolkit to ‘de-mystify’ the capital raising process and help many more social entrepreneurs succeed in raising social investment.

Mark Cheng, the author of the Social Investment Toolkit and European Director of Ashoka explains what this toolkit is about and how it can help social entrepreneurs to raise investment.