Ready for Social Investment?

Are you a social entrepreneur looking to raise investment? Perhaps you’re wondering how to start, but don’t know the process, or you’re stuck in one particular area? Then this toolkit is for you. In eight modules, we guide you on every step of the way, from how to tell your impact story to creating a compelling investor pitch. Along the way, we'll show you the technical aspects of raising finance and what social investors are looking for.

How to create impact?


Social Change

This module helps you explain to investors how you create social change. It helps you define your Mission, your Vision and the Social Problem that your Venture addresses.


Measuring Impact

How can you measure your impact? We show you how to create effective and usable ‘Impact Metrics’ to monitor your social impact and explain your value to social investors.

What is your business model?


Business Model

Funders will need to understand what exactly you are selling, to whom and at what price? This module helps you refine and develop your business model, and how to link this to your social impact.


Scaling Strategy

Once you have a strong business model, how do you scale up? We examine different strategies social entrepreneurs can use to grow their impact.

How is your business structured?


Financial Model

Time to talk numbers! In this module we provide the tools to create a financial forecast for your business, helping you predict future cash flow and evaluate your business financials.


Legal Structure

Every social business needs to think about it’s legal structure and its governance. Should you be a for-profit, not-for-profit or some combination of both? We walk you through the legal options and help you pick the ideal structure.

What is your financing ask?


Financing Terms

What type of funding should you go for? Should you raise debt or equity, and on what terms? We explain different options for raising finance and how to choose which is right for you.


Investment Pitch

Finally, you’re ready to approach investors! How do you find the right kind of investor? What are they looking for? How should you pitch to them? We explain in detail here.