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We host a number of philanthropy-themed events each year. Featuring insights from our own experts and other leading industry figures, they include our Philanthropy Forum series which explores the latest topics from across the sector.

Philanthropy & purpose from a Muslim perspective

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Faith and Philanthropy from a Jewish perspective


Please join Debra Phares, Senior Strategist at Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services, and Mark Gerson, co founder of the Gerson Lehrman Group and Thuzio, and Chairman of African Mission Healthcare, for a conversation around philanthropy and Judaism. Through this Faith and Philanthropy initiative, UBS is offering a 100 percent match on all contributions made to the African Mission Healthcare program via the UBS Optimus Foundation through year end. Please contact your UBS Advisor to learn more. UBS is offering a 100 percent match on donations to African Mission Healthcare through the UBS Optimus Foundation through December 31, 2021. This 100 percent match will be offered for the first USD 9,000,000 raised.

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