Banking on sustainability

Our achievements, progress and goals at a glance

11 Mar 2022

Sustainability Report 2021

At UBS, our approach to sustainability is a constant expression of our purpose. For more than two decades, our firm has been at the forefront of sustainable finance making it one of the financial industry’s leading forces for driving positive, long-term change.

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Our achievements so far

What we achieved in 2021

Serving clients’ sustainable finance needs

  • USD 251 billion of sustainability-focus and impact investments (78% increase)
  • USD 23.4 billion in Climate Aware strategies
  • 103 green, social, sustainability or sustainability-linked bond transactions supported
  • Almost 70% of new mandates in Personal Banking are UBS Manage SI

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy

  • Set decarbonization targets for 2030 for financing of the real estate, fossil fuel and power generation sectors
  • Defined climate action plan pathways
  • 9.9% of our total customer lending exposure comes from carbon-related assets
  • 140 companies across sectors engaged on climate topics
  • 92% total reduction of our greenhouse gas footprint from the 2004 baseline year
  • First Swiss real estate platform for investment properties offering sustainable mortgages in Switzerland
  • Launch of the UBS Green Funding Framework

Addressing societal challenges

  • USD 161 million in donations raised by UBS Optimus Foundation
  • Almost 680,000 beneficiaries reached through strategic community impact activities
  • 4.6 million beneficiaries reached through UBS Optimus Foundation’s activities

Shaping a high-performing organization

  • 26.7% of Director level and above employees are women
  • 21.3% of UK / 20.1% of US posts at Director level and above held by employees from ethnic minorities
  • EQUAL-SALARY certification for equal pay practices in Switzerland, US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore

Our goals at a glance



Selected goals

Sustainable finance

100 green, social, sustainability or sustainability-linked bond mandates in 2022


Implementation of Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures recommendations


Raise USD 175 million and reach 5 million beneficiaries globally through client philanthropy


Establish UBS as a leading facilitator of discussion, debate and idea generation


Implementation of the Principles for Responsible Banking


Selected goals

Sustainable finance

USD 400 billion of invested assets in sustainable investments


Net zero energy emissions resulting from our own operations


Raise USD 1 billion in donations and reach 25 million beneficiaries through client philanthropy


Best-in-class sustainability thought leadership and an expert forum to engage clients and standard setters in discussion


Interim decarbonization targets for financing of key sectors achieved and NZAMi target achieved


Net zero with key vendors


Net zero across all our businesses