What climate and nature mean to us

Our climate strategy

Our climate strategy focuses on two main areas: managing climate-related financial risks and our journey toward a net-zero future. We strive to report openly and transparently about our sustainability strategy and activities, consistent with our information policy and disclosure principles.

Managing climate-related financial risks

We strive to protect our assets and those of our clients by limiting our risk appetite for carbon-related assets. And we’re working to estimate our vulnerability to climate-related risks.

Acting for a low-carbon future

In 2022, we sourced 99% renewable electricity, despite challenging circumstances. Our sustainable practices are strengthening as we engage with some of our suppliers to monitor the environmental impact of our supply chain. And we‘re helping our private and institutional clients to mobilize capital as they transition toward a low-carbon economy.

Our approach to nature

We’re committed to playing an active role in creating new, global standards that enable clients, companies and the financial sector to manage nature-related risks and opportunities, as well as addressing potential adverse impacts and generating positive impacts.

Our climate-related metrics and targets

The regulatory landscape continues to grow and steer us. In order to keep up with new requirements and standards, we continue to develop, revise and add to our metrics and ensure that corresponding disclosures align with frameworks such as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

Our Reports

UBS Annual Reporting

Each year, our collection of reports is a transparent way for us to share our progress and aspirations.

Climate and Nature Report

In our Climate and Nature Report, we set out what climate and nature mean to us in terms of our strategy and its impact on planet, people and partnerships, and show how we’re tracking our progress through metrics and targets.