Diversity, equity and inclusion highlights

Power of people through diversity, equity and inclusion

Our DE&I employee strategy

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is woven throughout our people management approach. At the center is a commitment to be a place where all of our employees can unlock their full potential. In this respect, building a culture of belonging is key to our success. Comprehensive policies and processes also help ensure we hire, develop and retain employees with the diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills to serve our equally diverse clients and to meet the challenges of ever-evolving markets, regulations and technologies.

Making progress towards achieving our aspirational goals

Our senior leaders, line managers and Human Resources work closely together to enhance the diversity of our workforce over time and to create an inclusive culture that enables employees to thrive. We’ve built our global DE&I employee strategy on four pillars that all work together to move us towards achieving our aspirational goals. While improving representation is rarely linear, we are committed to making progress and are ensuring that every element of our people management process is a positive influence.

Increasing diversity in our supply chain

Contributing to the economic growth of underrepresented suppliers is an important part of our external stakeholder DE&I strategy, and we actively work to support the inclusive growth of diverse suppliers. Our “rule of one” guidance aims to include at least one diverse supplier in every competitive tender, and we’re proud members of several diverse supplier advocacy organizations around the world.

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