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Christopher Purves

Chris leads and sets the direction of the Strategic Development Lab at UBS. He received his PhD in Particle Physics from CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva. In his professional career he has predominately focused on all things Electronic Trading related.

Giuseppe Nuti

A trader by profession across the primary dealer and HFT markets specializing in FX and Fixed Income, Giuseppe also holds a PhD in Computer Science from University College London and MSc in Financial Mathematics from City University London. His research interests are in algorithmic trading, numerical solutions to Bayesian inference, and interaction between market participants in price-setting microstructure.

Hyder Jaffrey

Responsible for Strategic Investments and FinTech Innovation, one area Hyder is exploring is how blockchain technologies can transform core business models in the financial marketplace. A history of working in the application of technology across both the banking and FinTech worlds gives Hyder the ideal background to help bridge business and technology domains.

Chetan Tolia

Chet's focus is on business model innovation and transformation in the digital disruptive age. A 20+ year veteran of UBS, he has vital experience of technology, change management and transformation. A Kenyan native residing in Switzerland, Chet also holds a Software Engineering degree from the University of Manchester Institute of Science Technology (UMIST).

Gavin Collins

Gavin started his professional life as an Information Security Engineer and ever since has worked across a number of eCommerce and product delivery roles that focus on the electronification of trading and digitisation of the sales process. A business management and computing graduate, he also gave up being a pilot in the RAF to work in finance, which he has yet to work out why.

Ciara Quinlan

Ciara leads the electronic trading group within the Strategic Development Lab at UBS. Her group focuses on all things automation for pricing, risk management and analytics across FX, Rates and Credit. She holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering from University College Dublin where she applied pattern recognition to heart and brain waves during sleep cycles.

Alan Lynott

Ever since he taught himself basic and Z80 programming in 1983, Alan has been hooked on software development. From being a programmer to managing large delivery teams, he now focuses on the application of agile and lean techniques to help improve effectiveness and predictability of software delivery. He also holds a Computer Science degree and MBA.

Alan Baxter

Alan's background spans accountancy, mathematics and actuarial services. His area of expertise is on working with clients, banks and regulators to create capital and funding efficient trading strategies. He's also active as a member of the board of a FinTech since 2015.

Kim Simms

Kim spent the early part of her career as a geneticist, writing algorithms to search for patterns in genomic sequence data flooding the public domain for the first time (big data before there was a name for it!). She now uses her varied tech and analytical skills within the electronic trading field, including working with start-ups helping them to create and develop their innovative new trading platforms.

Pierre Vermaak

Pierre is an ex-astronomer with MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Cape Town. He found out that machine learning was great for solving Astronomy problems and now uses it to help work-out challenges posed by the complex financial markets. Lured into the finance industry in 2001, he has held a variety of quant positions across Fixed Income and electronic markets. His other interests include heavy metal guitar, current affairs, AI and just about everything technological or financial.

Lucy Eastcott

A Cambridge Economics and Mathematics graduate, Lucy soon realized that a problem and blank sheet of paper was her favourite kind of project. She currently ensures the Strategic Development Lab team works at its optimum by connecting people, ideas and projects together to find new ways of looking at things.

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