UBS Strategic Development Lab

Who are we?

The UBS Strategic Development Lab is helping to shape the future of the financial services industry.

At UBS, we're always asking questions, and that includes questioning ourselves. We believe in building a better future, by continually improving on what has come before, and creating solutions that will drive the financial services industry forward.

The UBS Strategic Development Lab is an innovation center of technologists, scientists, programmers and problem solvers. We harness technology and data in new ways to help our clients stay ahead of in the ever-evolving world.

"The impact of data and technology on the financial services industry continues to influence how the future market landscape will look. The UBS Strategic Development Lab is ideally placed at the heart of the Global Markets business to use data-based analytics and the underpinning of new technologies to help evolve the way we help our clients and adapt our business model"

Christopher Purves – UBS Strategic Development Lab Lead 

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Open source is the cornerstone of many of our initiatives and of our technological framework.

We understand the power of community; collaboration helps drive us forward to achieve greater outcomes, and as a result we are committed to sharing our technology through leading software development platforms.

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What we do

Smart Coverage

Digital Business Tranformation

Data Science AI & Machine Learning

Digital engineering

Electronic Trading

Strategic Investments and FinTech

Capital Funding Innovation

Product Strategy

How we work

Only when we understand how things are, can we intelligently ask how things could be. Our network of experts and specialists work in collaboration with our clients to solve their immediate problems, as well as understanding what complex industry questions exist so that we can incubate bigger, more radical thinking.

We use these learnings to help us imagine, design and build informed solutions such as state-of-the-art electronic pricing and risk management. Our aim is to disrupt existing practices and improve complex processes, to the benefit of our clients.

  • Data - we work with vast sets of data which underpin every decision we make.
  • Technology – we analyze and experiment with technology disrupters to evaluate their impacts and apply their potential to our clients and the broader financial services evolution.

Our culture

The key to harnessing great ideas is an inclusive and collaborative environment. People are the driving heart in everything we do, and the UBS Strategic Development Lab offers exciting opportunities to explore, solve, challenge and scale exciting industry projects.

Additionally, the three keys to success – our Pillars, Principles and Behaviors – embody the foundation of our strategy and culture. These three keys are embedded across UBS so that we can unlock the full potential of our firm for our clients and the broader industry.

Now, let's create the future together