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First foreign-invested fully-licensed securities firm in China, 67% owned by UBS AG

UBS Securities Co. Limited (“UBS-S”) is the first foreign-invested fully-licensed securities firm in China. Adhering to its principle of “client-focus”, UBS-S leverages on UBS AG’s strong strength in capital, experience, research, technology, and risk management, to provide individuals, corporates, institutional clients, and qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII) with a variety of financial products and services based on proper risk management.


12th floor (F1201-F1210, F1211B-F1215A, F1231-F1232) and 15th floor (F1519-F1521, F1523-F1531) 
Winland International Finance Center,
No. 7 Finance Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China.
Telephone: +86-10-5832 8888


Products and services

Our aim is to provide clients with exemplary service by paying the utmost attention to details. Managing risks properly is our style. Our principle is to always offer the best products while remaining discerning in the market environment. As your trustworthy partner, UBS-S will provide you with unrivalled opportunities. Choosing UBS-S means choosing a magnificent future.

Great Wall

About us

UBS-S is the first foreign-invested fully-licensed securities firm in China. The scope of businesses includes: securities brokerage; securities investment consultancy; financial advisory related to securities trading and securities investment activities; securities underwriting and sponsoring; principal trading of securities; securities asset management; distributing financial products; margin financing; and distribution of open ended securities investment funds.

Fraud alert

We have been made aware of scams where unauthorized and unrelated persons purporting to be UBS personnel are approaching potential investors to pitch for a fraudulent investment scheme via calls, emails or social media channels (including WeChat). If you are unable to verify their identities and confirm their connection with UBS, please do not provide these individuals with your personal/corporate data or respond to any fund transfer request. Please do not open hyperlinks, attachments and QR codes from any unfamiliar sources. 

Risk warnings and investment disclaimers

  1. A reminder from the Investor Protection Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission: pay attention to investments with value, and focus on shares with long-term investment value. Avoid indiscriminately ramping up the price-earnings ratio of new shares, ramping up the prices of small cap shares, and speculating in underperforming shares.
  2. A reminder from the Investor Protection Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission: Based on statistical data of the Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2010, between 30 and 70 trading days after listing, the fall in prices of newly listed stocks compared to its closing price on the first day increased from 6.51% to 10.65%. 94.7% of account holders who bought at high prices suffered losses.
  3. A reminder from the Investor Protection Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission: From end-Oct 2009 to end-October 2011, retail investors accounted for 95.06% of the purchase amount on the first day of listing on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) board. 64.25% of retail investors who purchased on the 1st day suffered losses after 10 trading days.

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