Global financing services at UBS

Welcome to UBS global financing services. When we begin business with a new client, we agree legal terms comprising our standard terms as modified by an elections agreement. The current edition of our standard terms are set out below. We have also set out some important information relating to UBS and our global financing services business below.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you would like more information about our global financing services business.

You can find more information about of general terms of business here:

GFS agreement

Our global financing services terms. These comprise:

GFS general terms: Our GFS general terms (Edition 1.0, August 2018) (PDF, 380 KB). As modified by your GFS elections, they will apply to global financing services we provide you.

GFS ISDA terms: Our GFS ISDA terms (Edition 1.1, January 2019) (PDF, 285 KB). As modified by your GFS elections and the GFS general terms, these will govern your swap transactions.

GFS operating terms: Our GFS operating terms (Edition 1.0, August 2018) (PDF, 143 KB). These contain important information about our day-to-day operations.

Superseded versions: Please click here to access earlier editions of our global financing services terms.

Regulatory Information

UBS Investment Bank: Information about UBS investment bank entities in EMEA: View document (PDF, 127 KB)

CASS: Information about how we hold your assets and money required under the FCA’s “CASS” Rules: View document (PDF, 155 KB)

Disclosures and Risk Warnings

General disclosure: General disclosure about our business, your orders and the
conflicts we face in handling them: View document (PDF, 171 KB)

Conflicts of interest policy: Information on our conflicts of interest policy: View document (PDF, 110 KB)

Title transfer collateral arrangements: Information about the general risks and
consequences of entering into title transfer collateral arrangements: View document (PDF, 212 KB)