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Our UBS Capital Markets team is here to help you trade UBS ETFs, and can offer advice on topics such as trading, liquidity, fund wrappers and prices. Explore our FAQs below or get in touch to see how we can help.

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We provide support to clients on topics related to the ETF trading ecosystem (i.e. how, when and with whom they should trade UBS ETFs). We work in parallel with our Distribution colleagues so that clients of UBS ETFs have a positive experience trading our products.

Improving the trading architecture

We partner with our colleagues in Product Development and Portfolio Management to continuously improve the trading architecture of UBS ETFs. This enables our partners in the ETF trading ecosystem to quote tight bid ask prices to our clients and thus reduce the Total Cost of Ownership related to our products.


Our ranking as Passive Manager of the Year 2021 at the Insurance Asset Risk EMEA Awards was the latest in a stream of awards for our ETF capabilities over recent years.

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