UBS Horizons (UK)

The UBS Horizons Program

Available in the UK, UBS Horizons is a very special program combining an intense community development experience with a UBS internship. It is aimed at ambitious students who will be graduating from a European university and who are interested in sustainable development as well as a possible career in banking. 

To start, you will be invited to participate in the UBS Insights Week, spending a week in a UBS office getting acquainted with our business. You will then take part in a five-week expedition organized by Raleigh International. This consists of a four-week community development program in Borneo, Costa Rica or Tanzania followed by a one-week adventure challenge. 


Registered Charity No. 1047653

During the expedition you will:
  • learn how to build and maintain relationships
    by working with individuals from diverse cultures
  • increase your resilience
  • learn to get things done and perform to a
    high standard
  • improve your communications and
    influencing skills
  • improve your planning and decision-making
  • improve your ability to share ideas and identify
    opportunities to improve methods and processes

The following summer you'll be part of our internship program where you will put your new skills to work as a valued member of a team, with the opportunity to voice your ideas and receive feedback. It is an excellent chance to launch your career.