Apprenticeship at UBS

As one of the largest private sector trainers, we follow through on our words for successful lifelong learning. Today and tomorrow.

What is our goal?

Talent development.

At UBS, we place great importance on nurturing young talent and providing them with top-notch training. Today and tomorrow, we believe in education with a future. Our aim is to provide our apprentices with the best possible foundation for a successful career.

How do we achieve it?

Being close to the action.

Our training programs are specifically designed to offer our apprentices comprehensive and hands-on experience. We believe that our apprentices learn best when actively involved in real projects and can learn from experienced colleagues. Therefore, we give them the opportunity to work in various areas and gain valuable experience.

What lies ahead?

Join center stage.

Open positions and events

Our vocational training programs

Opportunities for school leavers

The development opportunities at UBS are endless and flexible.

Valerie, Banking Apprentice

With the IT apprenticeship you are well prepared for the professional world!

Jeremias, IT apprentice

I surpass myself every day!

Michèle, BEM Trainee

Everything that is created is used

Mike, Mediamatics apprentice

Are there career opportunities at UBS after completing the training program?

Yes, UBS places great value on promoting and developing its apprentices. After completing the training program, various career opportunities and further education possibilities within the company are available. Many apprentices transition to permanent positions at UBS or deepen their expertise through our 2-year Junior Talent Program (JUNA).

Our Support

Junior Talent Manager and practical instructors

Throughout the entire training period, our apprentices are accompanied and supported by our vocational and practical instructors.

Apply now

1. Online application

Apply online with the following documents:

  • Resume (CV)
  • Cover letter
  • Copies of the last two years' school reports (Kanton Bern: learning reports of the last two years)
  • If available: employment references, learning reports, diplomas, typing certificate, etc.
  • For IT apprenticeships: Multicheck ICT

2. Review of your documents

We check your documents for completeness and whether the minimum requirements are met. We're looking for people with a high willingness to learn, a positive attitude, and an interest in the financial industry.

If we're interested in your profile, we'll invite you to a personal interview.

3. Personal interview

How do you prepare for the interview?

Those who are well prepared rarely have a reason to be nervous. Do some research on the program we offer, and the company as a whole. Take notes and write down any questions you have – we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Think about what we’ll ask. This is the best chance we’ll have to find out more about you, so try to think about what you want us to know. Whether it’s why you want to train with us, what your strengths and weaknesses are, or even how the person closest to you would describe you. You don’t have to overthink this, but the better prepared you are, the more you’ll stand out.

A few tips from us

Greeting your interview partner by name and making eye contact is a great way to make a good first impression. Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers. All you have to do is be yourself (and switching your phone off always helps, too). And, don’t forget to ask questions. It lets us know that you’re interested.

4. Welcome

If you've persuaded us, we're happy to welcome you to UBS!