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At its core, our Women in Tech network promotes diversity and helps women realize their true and equal place in technology.

Lead the change. Be backed by the best.

We’re such a diverse mix in our Women in Tech network: whether one has recently launched her path into engineering, leveled up her career, or is coming back to the tech game – we’re all here.

We value teamwork. When we say we do it together, we really mean it. Our DE&I networks are full of representatives and allies standing with us.

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Software Engineer

Every day we use modern technologies and advanced tools. We stay agile, with the goal to prototype, test, exchange best practices and constantly improve.


Tech Engineer, Certified Engineer

By employing tech-savvy professionals, we dedicate ourselves to continuous progress in the field and keep up our commitment to engineering excellence.


Portfolio Management Officer

I’ve always liked IT project management! I get to work with many different teams which allows me to gain deep technical knowledge.


Scrum Master and Software Architect, Certified Engineer

Our tech team is really unique, we have a diverse skillset, represent various nationalities, and despite our very different backgrounds we have one common language – technology, as it brings us all together.


Chief of Staff for Technology Services APAC & Account Management

From fixing my first computer mishap to exploring the artistry of technology, my journey is all about embracing challenges and staying true to my tech passion.


Portfolio Management Officer, Certified Engineer and Women in Tech Qatar stream lead

My role is to support IT Projects in various ways. I need to understand both, the business and technical side of the initiative I am working on, which I really enjoy.


What does it take to transform banking and technology? Our women in tech got the answers. 

Our female engineers commit to driving a culture of engineering excellence. They’re not only building their own but make up a crucial part of our whole organization’s success.

Get your answers too.

Innovative banking? We're on it!

Our UBS Next teams drive innovation by partnering with and investing in fintechs to shape the future of banking for us and our clients. This is one of the ways we embrace innovation. Watch the video and meet Anastasiya, who is heading our UBS Next Business Intelligence team.

Success stories from our Women in Tech


Meet Fatma

Robotics expert and digital guru, Fatma works in an environment where work autonomy is critical. Not only for productivity, but also for personal responsibility and growth.


Meet Vaneeta

Bug-fixer, code-changer-extraordinaire and Global Head of Production Maintenance for our US Global Wealth Management. Based in India and in charge of a massive team of more than 400 people, she prides herself in being a brand ambassador.


Meet Elcin

Elcin is passionate about protecting the world from hackers. As a member of our Chief Information Security Office team, she loves having a job where she’s defending her company, her family, friends and neighbors, and society as a whole from criminals trying to do them serious harm.


Meet Kaushiki

To switch or not to switch… Kaushiki is a great example of a person who took a leap in her career to explore opportunities outside of her comfort zone and write a new chapter.

You’ve still got it

Opportunities ahead

Whether you work with clients, manage risks (or projects, or people), analyze data or write code, you’ll find interesting opportunities in all of our business areas and regions. Check out our current open roles (all of which are open to career returners).