Corporate Responsibility

UBS is firmly committed to corporate responsibility and actively strives to understand, weigh and address the concerns and expectations of the firm's stakeholders. This process assists us to safeguard and advance our reputation for responsible corporate conduct and also helps to create sustainable value for the company.

Governance & strategy
As a leading global financial services firm, it’s important that we value and listen to the concerns and expectations of our stakeholders.

Responsible banking
By ensuring that our banking activities are undertaken in a responsible manner, we aim to fulfil the heightened expectations of our clients and stakeholders.

Corporate responsibility in operations
We operate our business responsibly by reducing our environmental impact, safeguarding employee health, and ensuring access to our locations and services for all clients.

Our employees
We rely on the excellence, creativity and dedication of our employees in all parts of the world to meet our clients' needs and build our business.

Community investment
We are committed to supporting the advancement and empowerment of individuals and organizations within the communities we do business in.