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What sustainability means to UBS

We all know finance has a powerful influence on the world. At UBS1, we reimagine the power of people and capital, to create a better world for everyone: a fairer society, a more prosperous economy and a healthier environment. That is why we partner with our clients to help them mobilize their capital towards a more sustainable world and why sustainability is at the heart of our business.

Our priorities


Making climate a clear priority as we transition towards a low-carbon future.


Addressing societal challenges through client and corporate philanthropy as well as employee engagement.


Working with other thought leaders to achieve impact on a truly global scale.

Our long history in Sustainability at UBS Group AG

Our key commitments

Our group commitment to sustainability goes beyond our own initiatives as we collaborate with peers and organizations to maximize the total impact towards a better planet.

UBS Group commitments

  • Founding Member Net Zero Banking Alliance
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (founding signatory)
  • Global Reporting Initiative reporting framework (user since reporting year 2008)
  • Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosure framework (implementing recommendations since 2017)
  • Global Impact Investing Network (member)
  • Group-wide ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System
  • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (member)
  • UN Global Compact (signatory) 
  • Thun Group of Banks (founding member and co-chair)

UBS-AM commitments

  • Founding Member Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative
  • Signatory to Principles for Responsible Investment
  • International Corporate Governance Network
  • Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change
  • Asian Corporate Governance Association
  • UK Investor Forum
  • UK Governance Forum
  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board member
  • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmarks
  • Swiss Sustainable Finance member (since 2015)
  • Climate Action 100+
  • IFC Operating Principles for Impact Management
  • One Planet Investment Initiative

Sustainability at UBS Group

Sustainable and impact at UBS

UBS Philanthropy

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