Separation / new partner

Planning a new beginning

  • Not everything in life goes to plan. A breakup or divorce usually has a major impact on your financial situation. Find out how to plan the next phase of your life.

Assessing the financial situation

Joint assets and retirement assets are divided on divorce. This leads to a significant change in the financial situation. At the same time, two separate households have to be financed.

What does this mean for the long-term living standards of both parties?

Reorganizing finances and contracts

During the partnership, joint accounts were used and contracts concluded. These now need to be unraveled and adapted to the new circumstances.

Are new or different accounts required? Do standing orders need to be adjusted? Should powers of attorney be canceled or changed?

Taking new family members into account

A new partnership often brings changes in your own priorities, family constellations and financial circumstances. There is often a wish to provide security for the new partner and other family members.

Does the current arrangement suit your new requirements? Are changes to existing inheritance and succession documents necessary?

Plan your new start. If your assets also need restructuring, we’ll gladly help you. Let’s talk.

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