Family and children

Facing new responsibilities.

What could be more wonderful than starting your own family?

At the same time, there is no other phase in life with so many long-lasting changes. What you should watch out for:

New responsibilities

Parents want to be certain that their children will be well cared for whatever happens. It is sensible to make various provisions, especially if you have minor children.

Who will look after your children if something happens to you? Who will ensure that the assets they inherit are preserved and used properly?

Impact on your wealth

Parents’ goals often change when their children are born. They may attach great importance to their education and to fulfilling their dreams. In many cases, this is paired with a phase of reduced income.

What impact do these changed conditions have on the long-term development of your wealth?

A home of your own

A comfortable home is of inestimable value. Even when you have found your dream home, there is a series of important decisions to be made.

What is the best way to finance it? What are the tax implications? How can you make sure you can keep it if unforeseen events occur?

By starting a family, you've decided to take on more responsibility. We’ll gladly help you out. Let’s talk.

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