Enjoying what you’ve achieved

  • When we've achieved our biggest goals in life, we can take things a bit easier. Find out which things you should still take care of.

Ensuring security for the future

Many important milestones in your family and professional life have already been reached. Now the priority is to continue to build up assets for future goals and plans.

How can you safeguard your desired standard of living over the long term? What might cause your plans to go wrong?

Optimizing the tax burden

Achieving a high level of income leads to a significant tax burden. Tax optimization is particularly worthwhile at this stage. At the same time, family members and foreign assets (if any) need to be taken into account.

What are the fiscal implications? How can you maximize your after-tax income?

Company succession planning

Handing over a company presents complex issues which require considerable time and expertise to resolve.

How can company funds be transferred into private assets in a tax-efficient way? What legal and structural obstacles need to be overcome? Who is the most suitable successor and how can this person finance the takeover?

It’s human to grow weary of too much change. In financial matters, you should therefore bet on what’s sustainable. We’ll show you how. Let's talk.

Because a personal conversation is worth a lot

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