First job

Enjoy being independent

  • You’ve entered the working world. Now you’ll need to define key objectives on your way to becoming privately and financially independent. Find out how to achieve this.

Controlling your own finances and contracts

Graduating and starting work goes hand in hand with a greater need for basic financial services.

What sort of accounts do you need? Do you regularly use foreign currencies? What tools do you wish to access digitally whenever you like?

Using your income and making your first investments

When you start receiving an income, the question of how to invest sensibly becomes relevant.

How much risk are you able and willing to bear? What short- to medium-term goals and wishes would you like to finance?

Protecting yourself from adverse events

Standing on your own feet financially also means preparing for the unexpected.

What happens if you are unable to work? Who makes decisions for you if you are incapable of doing so yourself? What is covered by your employer and what are you responsible for yourself?

You have big plans, and we know how you can achieve them most efficiently from a financial point of view. Let’s talk.

Because a personal conversation is worth a lot

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