Partnership and marriage

Building your future together

  • In a partnership, you should discuss plans and wishes for the future together. Find out what you need to do to ensure financial harmony.

Savings and major expenses

Major expenses, such as buying a home, are often incurred right at the beginning of your life as a couple.

How does this impact the development of your wealth over time? Which investments support your long-term goals and financial flexibility?

Arranging your joint finances

A shared household also means shared payment flows.

Which accounts support your desired lifestyle best? Who should have access and power of attorney in order to make financial decisions on your behalf? What tools do you wish to access digitally?

A suitable set-up for a shared future

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. If the necessary provisions haven’t been made, it can have unwanted financial consequences.

What happens if one income dries up? Will the distribution of your estate under inheritance law match your wishes?

Things are easier when you do them together. This is true for your civil partnership as well as your wealth management. Let’s talk.

Because a personal conversation is worth a lot

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