Why has the recipient not received my transfer or how can I check a payment?

Check under Payments in E-Banking if your order has been executed and if you entered all of the recipient’s information correctly. Please note that UBS has no influence on when the crediting to the account of the recipient from another financial institution occurs. Depending on the country, it could take several business days.

Checking payments in E-Banking

  1. Log in to E-Banking.
  2. Navigate to "Payments > Recorded payments."
  3. Check in E-Banking under “pending”, “executed” and “not executed” for the status of the respective transactions and the recorded execution date.

General payment tips

  • Always use the recipient’s current IBAN and full address.
  • Only use current payment slips
  • Contact the recipient directly if you have any questions or inquiries on the payment or if you’d like to request a refund

Filing a claim in E-Banking

If you'd like to file a claim (subject to charge), you can do so in E-Banking.

  1. Log in to E-Banking.
  2. In the detailed view, navigate to "Assets > Account > Transactions."
  3. Select the booking you’d like to challenge. 
  4. Click on "Start an inquiry" to send a message to the query desk.
  5. Enter your information and click "Send."

Our customer service team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. You can find the phone number on this page.