How do I order a statement of assets?

If you would like to order a statement of assets, you can do so free of charge in e-banking and download it to your computer as a PDF document.

Order a statement of assets

You can order a statement of assets in e-banking under "Assets > Statement of assets > Order reports".

Select the portfolio for which you would like to order an asset statement and select immediate order "standard" or immediate order. If you select immediate order you can set the report type and the language if you would like to select a different language.

Collect your statement of assets

When the asset statement is ready to download in e-banking, it will be listed under Collect reports. If the statement of assets is not yet visible, click on Apply to update the view.

If you would like to order your statement of assets by telephone, please contact our customer service. You can find the telephone number in the right-hand column.