How do I set up notifications? And how do SMS inquiries work?

UBS offers you the option of setting up both notifications and inquiries via SMS.

Notifications via mobile banking

You can set up push, SMS and e-mail notifications via UBS Mobile Banking. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu, click on «Push notifications» and log on using using your card reader or Access Card display
  2. You can now add new rules under «Manage rules». Select the event and the type of notification you would like to receive. If you have not yet saved a mobile phone number or e-mail address, you can do this via E-Banking. Find out more under «Changing contact details»

3. Select «Save» to add the rule.

You can find out how to easily set up SMS and e-mail notifications under «Setting up notifications».

SMS inquiries

In E-Banking, you can set up which accounts, custody accounts and credit cards you would like to submit inquiries for via SMS under «Settings > Mobile banking > SMS inquiries».

You can submit inquiries regarding your accounts, custody accounts or credit cards using SMS codes as soon as you have set up SMS inquiries.

  • Send “S” and the relevant abbreviation to 827 for information on your account balance
    Example: “S CASA” to 827: balance of the CASA account (budget)
  • Send “T” and the relevant abbreviation to 827 for information on your recent transactions
    Example: “T CL19” to 827: recent transactions for the account CL19 (personal account)

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