Problems with Android

Here you’ll find answers to the most common problems faced by Android users.

Tip: If you only have your new device and your old one is gone. You need to go through the Access App activation

Unauthorized removal of usage restrictions

For security reasons, the Access App does not work on devices on which the manufacturer’s user restrictions have been removed (rooting, custom ROMs, etc.). Please reset the device to its original state to use the Access app.

Apps like SuperSU or Magisk can also block the Access App, as they could affect security from the point of view of the Access app. Uninstalling these apps will help.

Security warning

For security reasons, certain accessibility apps cannot be used together with the Access App. Please remove or uninstall these apps.

Problems downloading

If you’re having problems downloading or installing the Access App, try emptying the Google Play Store cache. Here is an example of how to do that on a Samsung phone:

1. Open the device’s settings

2. Select Apps

3. Select Google Play

4. Select storage

5. Tap Delete cache and Delete data

Your issue should be solved now.

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