Please take the following steps to ensure your payments are processed smoothly.

1. Enter the building loan payment

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Enter building loan payments in UBS E-Banking and select the correct building loan account to debit.

If your UBS E-Banking payment order and the relevant evidence (i.e. payment overview) were submitted by 11:00 a.m., we can generally ensure same-day execution if it is a bank business day.

It is important to enter all the payments of the payment overview being submitted in UBS E-Banking with the same value date. This provides you with a clear collective order that matches the entries on the payment overview. If several value dates are required, please create a separate payment overview and UBS E-Banking collective order for each of the value dates.

Once you've captured and executed the payment, a window will automatically open to upload the payment overview.

2. Submit evidence

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Send us a consolidated payment overview immediately after you enter every payment so that we can review and approve the payment. Various forms can be used as a payment overview: “UBS building loan account payment order” or “Payment order” of the architect, trustee or general contractor.

The payment overview must contain the following:

  • clear description of the construction project
  • UBS debit account (building loan account)
  • construction cost plan (CCP) number for each line item
  • payment recipient details

The payment overview has to be signed by the architect, trustee or general contractor.

Invoice copies are not required. You can submit invoice copies as proof if you do not have a payment overview.