How can I challenge a transaction on my credit card statement?

Check your monthly credit card statement and report any discrepancies in writing within 30 days of the billing date.

If you want to challenge one or more of your UBS credit or prepaid card transactions, select the reason for the dispute below (only one choice possible):

Improper bookings following loss/theft of card

Has your card been stolen or lost?

If you a still have the card, please choose one of the reasons below (only one selection possible) and fill out the form.

I have already canceled the subscription.

The same amount was debited more than once.

I have not received the goods/service that I ordered.

I have canceled or returned the goods/service that I ordered.

The agreed credit has not been booked to my credit card.

The debited amount was not paid using my credit card, but by another payment method (Maestro card, cash, etc.).

The debited amount does not match the sales receipt.

I have already canceled this hotel reservation.

I did not receive the cash amount I requested for this withdrawal.

The merchant discriminates against payments by credit card by imposing a higher surcharge than for other payment methods.

I do not recognize any of the disputed bookings and amounts.

Send the completed and signed form to:

UBS Switzerland AG
Flughofstrasse 35
P.O. Box
8152 Glattbrugg