In E-Banking, how can I add, delete or modify signatories from my company?

You can manage signatories for a certain banking relationship yourself with just a few clicks in E-Banking, provided that you have signing authority for payment orders (individual or collective). Please note that the changes are only accepted and become visible after they have been processed.

  1. Log in to E-Banking.
  2. Go to “Settings > Signatories”.
  3. If there are multiple banking relationships, select the relevant banking relationship from the drop-down menu.
  1. Click “Add”.
  2. Enter the required data for the authorized signatory.
  3. Select the type of authorization (individual signatory authority / collective signatory authority).
  4. For collective signatory authority, check the grouping (if applicable).
  5. Confirm your entries.
  1. Click “Modify”.
  2. Modify the existing data of the authorized signatory.
  3. Confirm your entries.
  1. Click “Delete” for the person concerned.
  2. Confirm the withdrawal of signatory authority.